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Accounting Services

We support the needs of closely held businesses with the full range of financial information services.  We go far beyond the traditional record keeping and rote reporting of details.

We search out the information which is critical to the informed management of your business. We provide you with that information which will allow the business leaders to clearly and quickly understand what is happening and what the implications are for the future. 

If the quality and success of your business is based on the quality of your decisions; and the quality of your decisions is based on the accuracy and currency of your information how can you trust your business to inaccurate or old information? Isn't your business entitled to the best? 

We understand that it is important for lenders, investors and governmental agencies to have financial statements on what has happened in the past, but as the business owner or manager you have more complicated needs.

All of our services rely on accurate financial information.  Thus, we see it as imperative that your accounting records reflect the current situation of your business and the changes it is experiencing.  Small Business owners and managers need prompt information on factors which they can control.  Data which is three months late was old news three months ago. We search for innovative ways of presenting amounts and relationships which allow you to use to the information to project and predict and to use as the basis for orders and purchases...

  • Assist you in designing the accounting and reporting systems necessary to give you the timely information you need.
  • Assist your bookkeeping staff in quickly and efficiently recording the information which is critical to the informed management of you business.
  • Provide financial statements that have been prepared under the standards for Compilation or Review services as published by professional standard setting boards.
  • Provide specialized “Reports to Management” which are used in conjunction with our Business Measurement and Performance Measurement services.
  • Identify the applicability of specialized accounting techniques. Activity Based Costing (ABC) more accurately reflects the results of business operations.
  • Identify the Critical Success Factors of your business and the measurable Key Performance Indicators which can help you move your business away from frustration and failure and towards profit and success.
  • Assist in the development of Profit Plans and Cash Flow Plans. 

While accounting is the language of business, it is not a foreign language. It was developed to answer the basic questions of simple Mediterranean merchants and seafarers.  Our focus in providing the accounting services you need is to help you answer the complex business questions which confront you.  Using our years of experience with many small businesses, our training in analysis and problem solving techniques and our professional resources, we will help you answer the profit improvement and business development questions so that you can achieve the success you deserve.